Liquid Glass Shield marine protection coatings are invaluable to any individual or business who use and are responsible for the upkeep/maintenance of marine craft in all forms. The marine formula has been principally designed to protect surfaces above the water-line by invisibly coating all timber, metal, composite and fabrics. The formula gives significant protection from UV, heat, salt burn and abrasion damage. A correctly applied application will last between 12 and 14 months dependent on use and climate conditions, in tests surfaces were found to visibly look better and damage from UV on fibreglass gel coat and composite windows was vastly reduced even in high wear situations.

Below the water-line Liquid Glass Shield can supply an environmentally responsible anti-foul application which is being tested for performance and longevity by marine professionals on the South Coast of the UK. Early indications have seen that the coating not only protects the hull but as the coating can be applied to other fixings salt/chemical damage is drastically reduced. A major benefit of both the Liquid Glass Shield applications is the ease of cleaning as absolutely no chemicals are required as only plain water is required to cleanse all surfaces.

For further information and to view application instructions, please click here.

Download the Liquid Glass Shield for Marine Information Sheet (PDF )

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